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About ArtEZ Press


ArtEZ Press is the publisher of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. The books published by ArtEZ Press are intended to stimulate research and theory development within the various disciplines that constitute art education. These publications are a means of demonstrating the knowledge and skills now present in art, culture and education. Some books can be used as teaching material, both within the Netherlands and internationally. ArtEZ Press books are also meant for anyone who is interested in art and culture.

ArtEZ Press stands for quality, in content as well as design. Its books have a look that is consistent with ArtEZ as a whole. Some of the publications may be the result of a production process, of research or of collaboration with other institutions. The publisher also provides publications for third parties, books with which ArtEZ would like to be associated.

ArtEZ Press
Onderlangs 9
6812 CE Arnhem
The Netherlands


Post office box 49
6800 AA Arnhem
The Netherlands


Tel.: +31 (0)26-35 35 757

E-mail publisher Minke Vos: mi.vos@artez.nl


For book shop orders, review copies, interviews with our authors or other questions, please contact: 

E-mail Thaïsa de Leij: t.deleij@artez.nl


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