Fashion Design Hotel Modez Arnhem

  • Author(s):
    José Teunissen, Hanka van der Voet, Addy de Boer, Berry Kessels
  • Published:
    januari 2013
  • Size:
    paperback 17 x 24 cm
  • Pages:
  • Illustration:
    48 fullcolour afbeeldingen en ca. 100 zwart/wit afbeeldingen
  • Design:
    Noah Venezia, Werkplaats Typografie, ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten
  • Language:
  • ISBN:
€ 18,50

This book offers an overview of all guest rooms and reception areas in Fashion and Design Hotel Modezin Arnhem. Through text and images, it provides insight into the ideas behind the design of each room, the design process and the overall design of this Gesamtkunstwerk by Piet Paris.

‘We can’t leave a single nook or cranny uncovered, just like in a French hotel,’ says Piet Paris about his idea behind the plan. The ten rooms in the front of the building were furnished by (fashion) designers, mostly trained in Arnhem. In the back of the building, Piet Paris put a focus on manufacturing processes and craftsmanship in fashion, such as knitting and embroidery, but also haberdashery and perfume.