Fashion & Accessories

  • Author(s):
    Els de Baan, Nanda van den Berg, Judith Donath, Martine Elzingre, Agnes Gomes-Koizumi, Georgette Koning, Gilles Lipovetsky, Christine M. Liu, Luca Marchetti, Arjen Mulder, Birgit Richard, Karin Schacknat, Anneke Smelik, José Teunissen, Marjan Unger, Virg
  • Published:
    mei 2007
  • Size:
    flexicover 20 x 27 cm
  • Pages:
  • Illustration:
    400 full colour images
  • Design:
    Roger Willems, Amsterdam
  • Language:
  • ISBN:
    978 90 5897 677 2
  • In cooperation with:
    Uitgeverij Terra Lannoo
  • NUR:
  • Editing:
    Jan Brand, José Teunissen
€ 36,00

Why are accessories so important in the fashion world today? Ever since Prada launched the Pocone backpack in 1987 and Tom Ford transformed the classical ‘Gucci’ bag label into a luxury fashion brand, it’s been impossible to imagine the collections of the major fashion houses without accessories and accessory campaigns. This live topic constitutes the basic theme of this book. What significance do accessories have in relation to fashion? How do accessories reflect the culture of our time? And in what way do they represent or illustrate a cultural shift in the perception of fashion? This book also sketches out a number of developments in the history of the fashion accessory and its typologies, and shows that themes and design principles from movements such as Surrealism, Modernism, the carnivalesque and Postmodernism keep recurring in accessory design.