Making a Square Smile

  • Author(s):
    Marie-José van Beckhoven, Jeroen Boomgaard, Hans van Dijk, Tom van Gestel, Jonneke Jobse, Peter Struycken, Alex de Vries
  • Published:
    september 2012
  • Size:
    hardcover 21.5 x 28 cm
  • Pages:
  • Illustration:
    ca. 175 fullcolour & 100 black-white images
  • Design:
    Jan Willem den Hartog, Den Haag
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€ 38,95

Since the second half of the twentieth century, Dutch art in public spaces has changed significantly in terms of form, character and meaning. Visual artist Bas Maters (1949-2006) played an important role in this. In Making a Square Smile, it is not only Bas Maters’ life that occupies centre stage, but also the many highlights of his work. Maters’ work consists of site-specific art and monumental sculptures for public spaces, institutions and companies. In addition he worked on large-scale projects on architecture, town planning and landscape. He was a pioneer of the well-known ‘Arnhemse School’ movement.In addition to running his professional practice, Bas Maters also worked as (senior) lecturer at the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design and the Institute of Architecture, both part of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. He trained dozens of students who are now in turn making their mark in public spaces. With his own work and his teaching, Bas Maters played an influential role in his field and gave shape to developments in art in relation to architecture, town planning and landscape.