Reading the Bible Imaginatively

  • Author(s):
    Bert Koetsier
  • Published:
    oktober 2014
  • Size:
    hardcover 19 x 24 cm
  • Pages:
  • Illustration:
    ca. 100 fullcolour afbeeldingen & ca. 30 zwart/wit afbeeldingen
  • Design:
  • Language:
  • ISBN:
€ 14,95

This book is an example of a new, original form of artistic and cultural education. Bert Koetsier approaches art from a religious/philosophical perspective. He sees religion as imagination, as a language of metaphors and symbols. In this book he shows how the stories in the Bible can be read in this new, imaginative way. Using a number of themes, such as ‘the source’ and ‘the cloud’, he explains that we can engage in conversation about the Bible and religion in a modern way, so that we do not lose what the rich tradition the Christian faith has to offer.
The author wrote this book for anyone who wants to discover that religion is a way of imagining reality and that art is a language in which humans finally become truly human.