Theory Arts Practices

  • Author(s):
    Peter Sonderen, Marijn de Langen en vele anderen
  • Published:
    april 2017
  • Edition:
  • Size:
    14,5 x 22 cm
  • Pages:
    208 pagina's
  • Design:
    Eloise Harris, Werkplaats Typografie
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  • Editing:
    Peter Sonderen, Marijn de Langen
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Theoretical concepts are important in contemporary art practice and art education. By presenting the seemingly simple question ‘Why, what and how theory?’ to a range of people who are involved in international art education at MA level in the realm of fine art and performing art, this book provides an array of current options, positions and practices in this area.
The texts in this book reveal the many different ways that theory is applied in the teaching of art. By giving various theoreticians, artists and teachers the opportunity to speak, the transdisciplinary character of theory becomes particularly visible.