Wanderwort 4. Secret Code

  • Author(s):
    Rudi Bastiaans, Marion Bouwhuis, Marten Hendriks, Walter Huinink, Bert Janssen, Helga Kos, Evert Maliangkay, Lotte Menkman, Catelijne de Muijnck, Wim Zurné en studenten van Academie Arnhem en AKI Enschede
  • Published:
    april 2006
  • Size:
    21 x 25 cm
  • Language:
  • Editing:
    dAcapo-ArtEZ, studium generale van ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten
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Secret codes are used for communicating messages and at the same time concealing them. The oldest known example of a secret code is an almost 4000 years old hieroglyphic inscription on an Egyptian tomb. For unlocking texts from antiquity and decoding secret codes we have to thank brilliant puzzlers and inspired scholars who, with considerable perseverance and creativity, manage to solve all the riddles. For this book, which is part of the Wanderwort series, students from AKI Enschede and the Arnhem Academy have produced pages using hand-made graphics on the theme of ‘secret codes’. Some have taken the theme very literally, while others have chosen to see the secret code as a metaphor.