Work It, Make It

  • Author(s):
    Annemieke Dannenberg, Jante Wortel en Nick Felix
  • Published:
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  • Pages:
  • Design:
    Stukk Design, Kim Waterlander & Marjanne Kuipers
  • Language:
  • Editing:
    Alex van der Hulst
€ 12,50

Work it, Make it, let me guide you after ArtEZ, created in collaboration with ArtEZ alumni, follows the chronology of life in the first year after graduation. It includes inspiring stories about the wealth of possibilities, searching for a new daily rhythm, raising your profile, putting a price tag on your work, working for free, facing doubts, jumping in at the deep end and networking, and numerous other experiences.

Once you’ve graduated, a new chapter of your life will start. This handbook will help you on your way. We can’t tell you how to live your life as an artist. But you can read and find out how others have done it.

Work It, Make It is a publication from the ArtEZ Art Business Centre.