Letting art teach

  • Auteur(s):
    Gert Biesta
  • Verschenen:
    juli 2017
  • Uitvoering:
  • Formaat:
    15,5 x 21,9 cm
  • Omvang:
    128 pagina's
  • Illustratie:
    ca. 75 zwart-wit
  • Ontwerp:
    Amir Avraham
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  • NUR:
€ 25,75

‘I will lead you through everything, will show you everything, and will name everything.’

In this book, Gert Biesta presents a new approach to contemporary art education by showing the unique possibilities the arts offer for being in dialogue with the world. This approach to art education is based on teaching as a process of showing, in which the teacher shows the student what could be good, important or meaningful in the world to pay attention to. As a starting point for illustrating this process, Biesta uses the ‘Aktion’ How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare from 1965 by Joseph Beuys, of which this book contains many images.